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Xavier Labbée
Dictionnaire des peintres des Hauts-de-France
Autour du Salon des artistes lillois (1890-1965)
Histoire de l'art
This dictionary allows the discovery of forgotten painters from the north of France and contributes to the knowledge of the specificities of regional art and the history of Lille and its surroundings.

Edited by Samuel Gras, Anne-Marie Legaré
Lumières du Nord
Les manuscrits enluminés français et flamands de la Bibliothèque nationale d'Espagne
Histoire de l'art
Lumières du Nord marks the culmination of an international research program on French and Flemish illuminated manuscripts from the National Library of Spain (BNE). The book brings together twelve publications signed by renowned European and Americans experts on manuscript painting who provide an in-depth analysis of unpublished or unknown ..

Mathieu Deldicque
Histoire de l'art
Louis Malet de Graville (circa 1440-1516), Admiral of France from 1487, is a figure forgotten by history. However, this wealthy lord with a long political career is a cornerstone of the court of Louis XI, Charles VIII and Louis XII of France. He was one of the most active secular patron of the arts, during the long end of the Middle Ages when begin

Marianne Cailloux
Peindre, voir et croire dans les Alpes
La peinture murale religieuse en val de Suse (XIVe-XVIe siècles)
Histoire de l'art
Studying wall-paintings is literally going up against the wall to understand past cultures. Alpine religious images document rich cultural phenomena. Thus, by combining visual anthropology, history, and information and communication sciences, ancient images may be analysed as an active media.

Edited by Étienne Hamon, Mathieu Béghin, Raphaële Skupien
Formes de la maison
Entre Touraine et Flandre, du Moyen Âge aux temps modernes
Histoire de l'art
Living in the shade of cathedrals and castles. Some twenty researchers provide original answers to this issue by showing, through supporting examples, how houses are designed, built, occupied or transformed in the city as well as in the country, from the 12th to the 20th centuries, in North of France.

Edited by Alexandre Holin, Nathalie Poisson-Cogez
Histoire de l'art

Catherine Guillot
Bruno Chérier (1817-1880)
Peintre du Nord, ami de Carpeaux
Histoire de l'art

Edited by Sophie Raux, Nicolas Surlapierre, Dominique Tonneau-Ryckelynck
Histoire de l'art

Patrick Michel
Le Commerce du tableau à Paris
dans la seconde moitié du XVIIIe siècle
Histoire de l'art

Edited by Maria-Teresa Caracciolo, Gennaro Toscano
Histoire de l'art

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