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Edited by Bernard Alluin
nord', n°71/Juin 2018
Femmes écrivains (France du Nord et Belgique)

Edited by David Christoffel
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n°329/janvier-mars 2018
Orphée dissipé. Poésie et musique aux XXe et XXIe siècles

Edited by Marie-Madeleine Castellani

Edited by Yves Baudelle, Christian Morzewski
Roman 20-50, hors série n° 8/mars 2018
Nicolas Bouvier, L'Usage du monde

Anne Wattel
Robert Merle
Écrivain singulier du propre de l'homme
Robert Merle is an enigma. Here is a widely popular writer who won the Prix Goncourt with his first novel, Week-end at Zuydcoote, whose books – which have never gone out of print and are still being translated and adapted for the theatre or the screen – were reviewed in literary columns for more than half a century; but who failed to be recognized

Edited by Maxime Decout
Roman 20-50, n°64/décembre 2017
Hélène Cixous, Osnabrück et Si près

Edited by André Benhaïm, Anne Simon
Revue des Sciences Humaines, n° 328/décembre 2017
Zoopoétique. Des animaux en littérature de langue française (XXe-XXIe siècles)

Edited by Christelle Reggiani

Edited by Yves Reboul
Roman 20-50, collection "Actes"/2017
Les Deux Étendards. Le chef d'oeuvre inconnu de Lucien Rebatet

Dominique Soulès
Antoine Volodine relates with both a narrative power and a singular relationship to history which are no longer a mystery. However, his language - which has never been extensively studied - is little known.

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