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Edited by Nicolas Charles, Stéphane Tison
Reconstruction(s) 1918-…
Les Ardennes après l'occupation allemande
Numéro 9
When did peace begin after the Great War? How were economic activities, social activities and celebrations reconstituted? Using the example of the Ardennes, the only department occupied during the entire war, ravaged in 1918 by the fighting of the liberation, 20 researchers question the return to normalcy.

Jean-Louis Georget
L'ethnologie nationale allemande
Autopsie d'une discipline
Mondes germaniques
What does it mean to be German? Where do the different German-speaking nations get their common culture? German national ethnology, called Volkskunde, is the result of a long history, which is linked to the political construction of Germany, but also of the German-speaking world as a whole.

Edited by Jean-Noël Grandhomme, Laurent Jalabert
Les marqueurs mémoriels de la guerre et de l'armée
La construction d'un espace du souvenir dans l'Est de la France
Numéro 7
The memorial markers of the war and the army. The construction of a space of remembrance in Eastern France.

Edited by Stefano Magagnoli, Philippe Meyzie
Réputation et marché
Produits, origines et marques : perspectives historiques
Histoire et civilisations
Understanding why a product is clearly identified, distinct from others and recognized for its specific qualities is a key question for figuring out economy: reputation is the cornerstone of this process.

Edited by Grégoire Poccardi, Giorgos M. Sanidas
Le feu dans la cité antique
Usages, risques, réglementations
The contributions of this volume are the consequents of a research project at Lille (UMR 8164 Halma) destined to tackle the problematic of fire in the city under many angles: domestic, religious and industrial using and the examples of voluntary or accidentals fires, since the Mediterranean Orient t the north of ...

Mathieu Deldicque
Histoire de l'art
Louis Malet de Graville (circa 1440-1516), Admiral of France from 1487, is a figure forgotten by history. However, this wealthy lord with a long political career is a cornerstone of the court of Louis XI, Charles VIII and Louis XII of France. He was one of the most active secular patron of the arts, during the long end of the Middle Ages when begin

Edited by Emmanuelle Berthiaud, François Léger, Jérôme van Wijland
Histoire et civilisations
What do children suffer from? Where to look after them and welcome them? How and when to vaccinate them? In medical theory and practice, concern for childhood has a multifaceted, non-linear history that this book seeks to explore.

Edited by Carole Christen, Samuel Hayat, Caroline Fayolle
S'unir, travailler, résister
Les associations ouvrières au XIXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
A key word for the labour movement and a key concept for many socialist theorists, the association crystallised in 19th century Europe the aspirations for a fairer and more egalitarian reorganisation of work.

Yannick Clavé
Les proviseurs de lycée au XIXe siècle (1802-1914)
Servir l'État, former la jeunesse
Histoire et civilisations
High school principals in the 19th century (1802-1914): managing a school, serving the State, and training youth.

Anne-Catherine Gillis
Des dieux dans le four
Enquête archéologique sur les pratiques religieuses du monde artisanal en Grèce ancienne
The ancient Greek crafts, which have already been studied for their technical aspects, hides other realities. The craftsman is in fact not only a producer of artefacts, but also an actor in religious life and evolves in a rich symbolic, psychological and social universe.

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