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Alain Buisine
Le premier tableau
La légende de St François d'Assise et ses peintres

Bernard Vouilloux
Un art de la figure
Francis Ponge dans l'atelier du peintre

Martine Pelletier
Le théâtre de Brian Friel
Histoire et histoires
This volume analyses the works of the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, studies the founding tension between individual and collective history — written, re-written and infinitely open to the games of memory and language…

Jacqueline Genet
Études Irlandaises
W.B. Yeats (1865-1939) is known as one of the best poets of his time. He is less known, especially in France, for his numerous theatre plays…

Marie-Pierre Lassus
La voix impure
ou Macbeth de Verdi

Marie-Claire Ropars

Brian Friel
Philadelphie, mon amour. Les amours de Cass McGuire. Les saisons de l'amour
Brian Friel, born in 1929 in Northern Ireland, is the author of several radio plays and a dozen theatre plays, given in Belfast, Dublin, London, New York. He is one of the most famous contemporary English-language dramatists…

John Boyd, Brian Friel
The plays gathered here are the works of two famous northern Irish dramatists who experienced the ever-present Civil War that they stage with faith and talent. The spirit that enimates Boyd and Friel is the same, the places are different…

William Bulter Yeats
Edited by Jacqueline Genet
Textes choisis par W. B. Yeats
Selected by W. B. Yeats
Collection of literary, occult and political essays, Explorations sheds an essential light on Yeats' work and particularly on his brand new conception of theatrical techniques…

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