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Edited by Emmanuel Cardona Gil, Sébastien Jakubowski
Numéro 4
The world changes. Armies evolve and must adapt to this new environment. The researchers and professionals gathered in this book analyze the contemporary armies in their relationship to the social and political environment and in their internal evolutions

Edited by Bruno Benoit
Édouard Herriot en quatre portraits
Le Lyonnais, l'humaniste, le politique et l'européen
Histoire et civilisations
The analysis of Edouard Herriot's public life (1905-1957) still sheds light on the historical background of Lyon, France and international relations.

Edited by Xavier Boniface, Louise Dessaivre
Histoire et civilisations
A monumental religious building, the cathedral represents a spiritual, heritage, cultural and political symbol. This is why, in times of war, it's confronted with the effects and violence of war.

Odile Join-Lambert
Travailler au musée
Publics, gardiens et conservateurs du Louvre et du British Museum : regards croisés (1946-1981)
Histoire et civilisations
When it comes to the status of civil servants, France is often opposed to Britain. However, in post-war Europe, these two countries are seeking to develop a common civil service project, particularly in the cultural field.

Edited by Jean Heuclin, Christophe Leduc
Chanoines et chanoinesses des anciens Pays-Bas
Le chapitre de Maubeuge du IXe au XVIIIe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
Since the origins of Christianity, women have lived a consecrated life outside monastic orders, following a personal path and serving the Church in various ways.

Edited by Pierre Gillon, Christian Sapin
Architecture et urbanisme
Medieval crypts are a mystery-filled heritage whose variety and questions remain unknown. Thirty researchers contribute to the knowledge of crypts in two regions.

Alya Aglan, Johann Chapoutot, Jean-Michel Guieu
L'heure des choix
Volume 9
Histoire franco-allemande Volume 9
The comparative history of France and Germany during the tragic hours of Nazism and World War II makes it possible to understand the challenges of civilization put to the test in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Thomas Maissen
Histoire et civilisations
With his compact history of Switzerland, the Swiss historian Thomas Maissen presents the eagerly awaited new overview. Based on the latest research results, he describes in a fluid style the origins of the Swiss Confederation, its extraordinary continuity, but also its many cleavages up to the most recent past. Whoever wants to have the...

Edited by Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin
L'odeur du sang et des roses
Relire Johan Huizinga aujourd'hui
Histoire et civilisations

Nathalie Dereymaeker, Florence Raymond
The relief-map of Lille
A short story of an enduring object

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