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Hubert Le Bourdellès
L'aratus latinus
Étude sur la culture et la langue latines dans le Nord de la France au VIIIe siècle

Michèle Villetard
For the first time, architectural places devoted to teaching throughout the Roman world, including East and West, from the end of the Republic (1st century BC) to the beginning of the Byzantine period (7th century AD) are studied thanks to this book.

Pierre Leman
Biographic dictionary of the archaeologists of the region "HAUTS DE FRANCE", native of our five departments or who searched there as these officers of the German or British troops. We will thus find known names as Boucher de Perthes, Auguste Mariette but also names of numerous volunteer archaeologists.

Louis-José Barbançon
L'Archipel des forçats
Histoire du bagne de Nouvelle-Calédonie (1863-1931)
Histoire et civilisations

Edited by Sandrine Conan, Delphine Hanquiez
Architecture et urbanisme
New studies on religious and monastic architecture between the 11th and 13th centuries in northern France and neighboring regions.

Edited by Nathalie Simonnot, Rosine Lheureux
Architecture et urbanisme
Archives, libraries and museums are both preservation spaces and places for showing collections. From various shapes, different work organizations and building periods, regularly transformed, they can't be easily understood.

Edited by Emmanuelle Cronier, Benjamin Deruelle
Argumenter en guerre
Discours de guerre, sur la guerre et dans la guerre de l'Antiquité à nos jours
Numéro 3
The art of argumentation does not yield its rights in war situations. On the contrary, the preparation of conflicts, the conduct of operations and the reconstruction of peace are intense moments of persuasion, negotiation and confrontation in which public speaking occupies its full place.

Patrick Mortal
Les armuriers de l'État
Du Grand Siècle à la globalisation 1665-1989
Histoire et civilisations

Claire Dubois
L'art comme arme en politique
Les combats de Constance Markievicz
Histoire et civilisations
The purpose of this interdisciplinary study is to shed light on Constance Markievicz's aesthetics of resistance during the Irish revolution.

Edited by Francine Blondé
L'artisanat en Grèce ancienne
Filières de production : bilans, méthodes et perspectives
The archaeological approach of the economies of the classical world is here implemented by production sectors and over the long term, well beyond classical Greece: deliberately putting aside the ceramic production, well studied elsewhere, the authors focus on areas of craft production generally poorly known by historians (textile, metallurgy, glass

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