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Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n°139/janvier - mars 1997
L'Allemagne et la monaie européenne

Martine Pelletier
Le théâtre de Brian Friel
Histoire et histoires
This volume analyses the works of the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, studies the founding tension between individual and collective history — written, re-written and infinitely open to the games of memory and language…

George Gissing
Sur les rives de la mer Ionienne
Notes de voyage en Italie du Sud
Domaines anglophones

David Coad
Prophète dans le désert
Essais sur Patrick White
Domaines anglophones

Edited by Jacqueline Covo

Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n°135/janvier - mars 1996
1966-1996 : l'Allemagne d'aujourd'hui a trente ans

Edited by Jacqueline Genet
Études Irlandaises
The short story, one of the most demanding literary genres by the concentration and limited effects it requires, attracted Irish writers because of its variety and the immense field it offers to imagination. It originated in the Gaelic folklore stories…

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