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Edited by Sébastien Fleuriel, Jean-François Goubet, Stéphan Mierzejewski, Manuel Schotté
This collective work is about embodiement. The book studies it from a sociological and philosophical angle in order to better understand how the social inhabits bodies.

Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher
Pour une logique du discours individuel
Opuscules Numéro 38
Conceived in full expansion of German idealism, but largely against it, Schleiermacher's Hermeneutics develops the first theory of individual discourse and defines the methods of understanding appropriate to it.

Simon Calenge
Les logiques herméneutiques
Hans Lipps, Georg Misch, Josef König, Martin Heidegger
Opuscules Numéro 37
Knowledge is life-form. It depends on the conditions of its production. This relativity is not a limit – it is on the contrary the véry source of the validity of knowledge. Hermeneutical logic is the study of this relativity and its productive power.

Vivien Longhi
Krisis ou la décision génératrice
Épopée, médecine hippocratique, Platon
Cahiers de philologie Numéro 36
The krisis of the ancient Greeks is not our modern concept of crisis, which has changed profoundly over time. What does it mean then? We need to go back to the sources of the notion, namely to the first Greek texts that give it a major place.

Edited by Nathalie Grandjean, Alain Loute
Valeurs de l'attention
Perspectives éthiques, politiques et épistémologiques
This book sets out to reinterrogate ethics and political philosophy starting from the concept of attention.

Holger Schmid
À contre-jour
Esthétique ou philosophie première
That the end of art and the end of philosophy go hand in hand appears to be proven by our current civilisation. And yet, in probing once again the 20th century in its singularity as much of fascination as of horror, there is a chance to reconfigure the questions of the work of art and of the truth in discourse under the sign of the key problem that

Cahiers de philologie Numéro 35
Simplicius' commentary on Aristotle’s Physics, Book II covers a text which is the best introduction to philosophy of nature, and it offers, beside Proclus’commentary on Plato’s Timaeus, a comprehensive survey of the Philosophy of Nature in Late Antiquity.

Natacha Pfeiffer, Laurent Van Eynde
Esthétique et sciences des arts
Anthony Mann. Arpenter l'image " is the first book in French which offers an analysis of the major films of one of the most important classic Hollywood directors, Anthony Mann (1906-1967).

Jean Bollack, Patrick Llored
Opuscules Numéro 36
Do we know what we are doing when we are reading texts ? Do we know what we are understanding when we become readers ?

Laurent Muller
Ethics philosophy always used the concepts of obligation, sanction, and of ethical models. Guyau, being a critical thinker of the idea of evolution, suggests that ethics should be considered in light of a vital imperative. He also deems that - if correctly understood- the anomic capacity of life generates a plurality of ways for obligation to...

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