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Edited by Étienne Dubslaff, Paul Maurice, Hans Stark, Jérôme Vaillant
Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n° 238/octobre-décembre 2021
Les élections fédérales du 26 septembre 2021

Edited by Bastien François, Antoine Vauchez
Politique de l'indépendance
Formes et usages contemporains d'une technologie de gouvernement
Espaces politiques
Constitutional courts, central banks, and regulatory agencies have become an ubiquitous and pervasive feature of contemporary democracies. They are constitutive of an overall process of delegation of governmental functions to institutions put at distance from direct electoral or governmental « pressures ». Through a variegated set of empirical ...

Edited by Ivan Sainsaulieu, Emmanuelle Barozet, Régis Cortesero, David Mélo
Où est passée la justice sociale ?
De l'égalité aux tâtonnements
Le regard sociologique
Where is gone social justice? As inequalities are growing everywhere in the world, this is a key question. This book undertakes to answer it, using survey and qualitative data in France and in "hot" points on the globe. Starting from ordinary actors, social movements, concrete contexts, he draws the kaleidoscope of the current trials, ...

Edited by Jean-Louis Georget, Guillaume Robin
Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n° 229/juillet-septembre 2019
Les médecines alternatives en Allemagne

Julie Gervais
L'impératif managérial
Désirs privés et devoirs publics d'un grand corps d'État
Espaces politiques
This book is an invitation to 'think the state' through an in-depth sociology of the managerialisation of an elite located at its summit. It captures the tensions between its attraction to the private sector and the imperatives of public service.

Edited by Anaïs Theviot
Médias et élections
Les campagnes 2017 : primaires, présidentielle et législatives françaises
Espaces politiques
In a context of mistrust of parties and politicians (distance from political arenas, ideological jamming, politico-financial affairs, "drifts" of political communication…), denigration of the work of journalists.

Edited by Thomas Serrier, Pierre-Frédéric Weber
Allemagne d'aujourd'hui, n° 228/avril-juin 2019
Allemagne-Pologne au XXIe siècle : une normalisation inachevée ?

Edited by Hervé Brédif, Ambroise de Montbel
Facilitations stratégiques
Refonder l'action en commun dans les organisations et les territoires
Espaces politiques
Insidious chemical or radioactive contamination of a living environment, plurality of dimensions and contradictory issues to be respected, difficulty in constructing an integrative and shared territory project... there are many situations in which conventional, technical, economic, administrative and legal solutions prove to be helpless.

Edited by Rémi Lefebvre, Éric Treille
Les primaires ouvertes
Un nouveau standard international ?
Espaces politiques
The virtues of primaries, supposedly an opportunity for a renewal of the democratic life and parties, are questionned today as disenchantment grows from the US to France.

Clémentine Fauconnier
Entre le marteau et l'enclume
La fabrication d'une hégémonie partisane dans la Russie de Poutine
Espaces politiques
Created in order to support Vladimir Putin, the party United Russia has widely dominated the Russian political landscape for more than 15 years. Communist Party of the Soviet Union resurgence or tool for the leaders: what role does it play?

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