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Stéphanie Dechézelles
Bataille rangée sur le front éolien
Sociologie des contre-mobilisations énergétiques
Environnement et société

Edited by Aline Chamahian, Vincent Caradec
Le regard sociologique
Sociology has been particularly prolific in the face of Alzheimer's disease in the 2000s. Driven by a context in which Alzheimer's disease was a growing concern, and encouraged by dedicated funding, a multitude of studies emerged.

Edited by Catherine Négroni, Marc Bessin
Parcours de vie
Logiques individuelles, collectives et institutionnelles
Le regard sociologique
The life course becomes an essential part of public policies in Europe, spearhead of a neoliberal model of society that through the «biographical injunction» promotes autonomy and freedom. This book proposes to reflect on the place of the life course in the scientific space and in the social space in civil society.

Edited by Pascal Depoorter, Nathalie Frigul, Thomas Venet, Sébastien Vignon
Is not the weakening of the working class and the weakening of the trade union and political organizations that claimed to speak on its behalf too soon concluded with the "end of the workers"?

Edited by Mokhtar Kaddouri, Marie-Christine Vermelle, Zaihia Zeroulou, Aurélia Mardon
Le regard sociologique
This book introduces Claude Dubar, a great author of french sociology, through a serie of testimonies of former collegues and current research works. It highlights his theoretical and epistemology's frameworks about present questions of education, training, profession and identity.

Julien Boyadjian
Jeunesses connectées
Les digital natives au prisme des inégalités socio-culturelles
Espaces politiques
The digital revolution has profoundly changed our ways of learning, learning and participating in public debate. Young people born at the turn of the 2000s are seen as the spearheads of this new society. This book depicts a somewhat less enchanting situation.

Edited by Joachim Benet, Séverine Depoilly
Le regard sociologique
Vocational education and training train young women and men each year in vocational high school and in higher education. Who receives training and in what way ? What are the training conditions ? What stereotypes are being conveyed ? Based on sociological and historical surveys conducted in French and Swiss contexts, this books proposes to study...

Edited by Paul Cary, Nadia Garnoussi, Yann Le Lann
Questionner l'effondrement
Reconfigurations théoriques et nouvelles pratiques
Le regard sociologique
The idea of collapse, mediated as the probable fate of our societies dealing with ecological crises, has been facing much criticism, even though recent illustrations of ongoing collapses, from Covid-19 to mega-fires, continue to multiply. Faced with this paradox, the authors adress the hypothesis of a major halt in our socio-economic and ...

Jean-Louis Georget
L'ethnologie nationale allemande
Autopsie d'une discipline
Mondes germaniques
What does it mean to be German? Where do the different German-speaking nations get their common culture? German national ethnology, called Volkskunde, is the result of a long history, which is linked to the political construction of Germany, but also of the German-speaking world as a whole.

Edited by Patrick Peretti-Watel
Huis-clos avec un virus
Comment les Français ont-ils vécu le premier confinement ?
Le regard sociologique
How did the French lived the first lockdown ? How did the coronavirus take over our lives ? What was the impact on their mental health ? How did they perceive the management of the crisis, from the lockdown itself to the future vaccine ? Did they lose trust in health authorities and scientists?

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