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Georges Lyon
Edited by Jean-François Condette
Documents et témoignages
Georges Lyon, the regional Chief Education Officer, facing the German invasion, decided in 1914 to remain committed to supporting school and university structures belonging to the occupied part of the Lille region in order to keep them alive. During the War, he wrote his Memoirs which can be considered as a precious testimony to better understand..

Michael Werner
Nations en miroirs : France et Allemagne
Volume 6
(Titre provisoire)
Histoire franco-allemande Volume 6

Julien Rycx
Histoire et civilisations
The unpublished study of one of the most controversial servants of the Republic.

Edited by Louise Dalingwater, Stéphane Porion
Histoire et civilisations

Damiano Matasci
Internationaliser l'éducation
La France, l'UNESCO et la fin des empires coloniaux en Afrique (1945-1961)
Histoire et civilisations

Edited by Nicole Colin, Corine Defrance, Ulrich Pfeil, Joachim Umlauf

Bruno Béthouart
André Diligent
Itinéraire d'un chrétien démocrate du Nord
Histoire et civilisations

Sébastien Rozeaux
Letras Pátrias
Les écrivains et la création d'une culture nationale au Brésil (1822-1889)
Histoire et civilisations
Letras Pátrias – the patriotic letters. This is how Brazilian writers qualified a literature that was given the mission of founding the Brazilian identity in the decades following the independence, proclaimed in 1822.

Edited by Henning Fauser, Yves Lescure
En jeu, n° 15/juin 2022
Les associations d'anciens déportés : histoire, mémoire, avenir

Edited by Carole Christen, Samuel Hayat, Caroline Fayolle
S'unir, travailler, résister
Les associations ouvrières au XIXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
A key word for the labour movement and a key concept for many socialist theorists, the association crystallised in 19th century Europe the aspirations for a fairer and more egalitarian reorganisation of work.

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