Books of the month

Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod
Rather than the stereotypical image of Deleuze as a great opponent of Hegelianism, the book seeks to show that he attempted to accomplish the philosophical revolution that Hegel had begun but failed to truly accomplish.
Laurent Colantonio
Daniel O'Connell et le laboratoire politique irlandais, 1775-1847
Histoire et civilisations
Edited by Jean-Luc Mastin, Béatrice Touchelay
Des banques sous surveillance ?
Some Historic Insights on Banking Supervision
Pour une histoire du contrôle bancaire depuis le XIXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
First book in French on the history of banking supervision and internal control, an essential tool of banking regulation.
À l'école de Virgile II
Commentaire à l'Énéide (Livre 2)
This learned commentary of the fourth century allows us to rediscover the Aeneid of Virgil, Graeco-Roman mythology and ancient thought.
Daniel Adjerad
A philosophical investigation which defines all the economic notions (capital, market, interest, exchange, etc.) of Bourdieu's sociology.
Edited by Sylvie Aprile, Hervé Leuwers
Révolutions et relectures du passé
XVIIIe – XXe siècle
Histoire et civilisations
Revolutions are also conducted by words. Since the end of the 18th century, in France, as in Europe and Latin America, reinterpreting the political and social order is a way of condemning and rejecting the current system, but also to be inspired and claim historical precedents. Thus, revolutions appear as unique moments of rethinking the past.
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