Books of the month

Esther Jacopin
Continuité et discontinuité au cinéma
De la 2D à la 3D stéréoscopique
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
In the light of her experience as a script supervisor, the author defines film continuity. This gives her analytical tools to study the aesthetics of stereoscopic 3D films as well as food for thoughts she put into practice while directing two stereo-3D films.
Edited by Giusy Pisano
From Ciné-goûters to Screenings for Cinephilie
The Cinemas of the Instituts and the Alliances françaises
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
In the book establish an initial assessment on the life of cinemas belonging to the Instituts français and the Alliances françaises.
Edited by Sylvie Patron
La théorie du narrateur optionnel
Principes, perspectives, propositions
The ubiquity of fictional narrators in fictional narratives has been a fundamental assumption that distinguishes narratology from previous narrative theories. Ever since the first formulations of this assumption, however, voices have come forward to denounce oversimplifications and dangerous confusions of issues.
Edited by Kristian Feigelson, Mehmet Oztürk
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Turkish Screens : Plurality of Images (2000-2020).
Edited by Samuel Hayat, Nicolas Kaciaf, Cédric Passard
Le porte-parole
Fondements et métamorphoses d'un rôle politique
Espaces politiques
What does it mean to speak for others? Although spokespersons are omnipresent in public debates, this figure remains paradoxically little studied.
Edited by Nicolas Charles, Stéphane Tison
Reconstruction(s) 1918-…
Les Ardennes après l'occupation allemande
Numéro 9
When did peace begin after the Great War? How were economic activities, social activities and celebrations reconstituted? Using the example of the Ardennes, the only department occupied during the entire war, ravaged in 1918 by the fighting of the liberation, 20 researchers question the return to normalcy.
Lille 1 Lille 2 Lille 3 Université du littoral, côte d'Opale Université Valenciennes Hainaut Cambrésis Université Catholique de Lille