Collection : Transitions
• ISSN : 28265599

Dany-Robert Dufour, Nicolas Postel
De l'utopie à l'effondrement
D'où vient et où va le capitalisme ?
A simple and accessible introduction to the intellectual foundations of liberal capitalism.

Virginie Martin, Hélène Quanquin
La société à l'épreuve des inégalités
Regards croisés France-États-Unis
Designed as a dialogue between two French scholars whose research focuses on gender, this book aims at investigating how this notion affects French universalism by confronting it to the U.S. model, which is too often depicted as its opposite.

Catherine Larrère, Philippe Sabot
In the early 2000s, the notion of the Anthropocene was put forward to designate a new era in the history of the Earth, marked by profound and irreversible transformations induced by human actions on the environment: this notion has itself led to the issues of "sustainable development", "ecological transition" and even " energetic transition ".

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