Collection : Dialogues entre cultures

Series created in 2016 and supervised by Stéphanie Schwerter.

The goal of this series is to contribute to the development of multidisciplinary-oriented studies dealing with the interactions between languages and cultures. It encourages a reflection on cultural diversity, multilingualism, transculturality and the scientific, political, artistic, historic and economic stakes of knowledge transfers. Bringing together voices from different cultural areas, the series explores the distortions and transformations which can affect knowledge from one language to the other, from one culture to the other. Ideally, this series will open up a space of reflection on the tools, concepts and theories facilitating the interaction between cultures and societies.

• ISSN : 2780-5530 (online)

• ISSN : 24923389
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Edited by Gwénola Sebaux
Dialogues entre cultures
Does the notion of transmission still make sense in the 21st century? Are migration and transmission intrinsically linked? How does transmission operate in migratory context? The interdisciplinary studies of international specialists try to provide innovative answers to these as well as other equally fundamental questions for our post-migration ...

Edited by Véronique Bontemps, Franck Mermier, Stéphanie Schwerter
Les villes divisées
Récits littéraires et cinématographiques
Dialogues entre cultures
With their multiple forms of social, ethno-religious or political fragmentations, divided cities belong to the reality of the modern world and find their fictional expression in different imaginary ways. Despite the omnipresence of urban divisions in contemporary life, the analysis of literary and cinematographic representations of divided has ...

Bénédicte Abraham
Au commencement était l'action
Les idées de force et d'énergie en Allemagne autour de 1800
Dialogues entre cultures
This book seeks to show how the unfolding of an era, or of a moment of crisis, may be accounted for not only through events which occur or personalities who hold sway at the time, but through sensitive notions or concepts which come to be seen as the « signposts » of a change of era.

Edited by Laurence Dahan-Gaida
Circulation des savoirs et reconfiguration des idées
Perspectives croisées : France-Brésil
Dialogues entre cultures

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