Collection : Capitalismes - éthique - institutions

Supervised by Nicolas Postel and Richard Sobel.

The works in this series are concerned with capitalisms in their historical and geographical diversity, more particularly, with the institutions which secure the embedding of capitalism in society and chart this spatio-temporal diversity. The approach chosen puts forward the ethico-political compromises which are at the roots of those institutions, make them function and legitimize them. Fully immersed in a hermeneutic approach of social sciences, this ethical questioning asks for a transdisciplinary perspective, a perspective which this series precisely aims at developing by mobilizing the whole of social sciences, in particular, economics, management, sociology, political science and history. The aim here is also to propose analyses which avoid, on the one hand, an excessively rigid analytical distinction between individualism and holism and, on the other hand, an excessive disciplinary focus of each social sciences on their "own" object. This series brings together collective works (partly elaborated in collaboration with the RIODD network) and scientific essays – sharp but always straightforward – addressed to a learned and curious readership.

• ISSN : 2780-5409 (online)

• ISSN : 21178070
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Florence Jany-Catrice
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 2

Alain Desreumaux, Jean-Pierre Bréchet
Repenser l'entreprise
Pour une théorie de l'entreprise fondée sur le Projet
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 12
After all is said and done, we end up not knowing why companies exist: to produce useful goods and services? To make a profit? To create employment? To accomplish other goals (but which ones)? In contemporary debates about the company and its responsibilities, confusion reigns. The company that produces the goods and services is confused with the..

Bruno Boidin
La santé, bien public mondial ou bien marchand ?
Réflexions à partir des expériences africaines
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 6

Edited by Clément Séhier, Richard Sobel
Capitalismes - éthique - institutions Numéro 7

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