Collection : Arts du spectacle - Théâtre
• ISSN : 2257493X

Laure-Emmanuelle Pradelle
Le théâtre de Georges Lavaudant
Les territoires de l'imaginaire
Arts du spectacle - Théâtre
From the beginning, Georges Lavaudant has positioned himself against theatrical tradition – dramaturgical analysis – preferring to explore the stage and its hybrid forms that combine theatre, dance, singing, the presentation of photos, and videos.

Edited by Marianne Bouchardon, Ariane Ferry
Arts du spectacle - Théâtre
Throughout history, French theatre showed great confidence in its supremacy over foreign theatres - whether ancient or contemporary. Such a certainty was reinforced by the success of Parisian plays all over Europe.

Edited by Alexandra Poulain
Arts du spectacle - Théâtre

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