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Gaston Gross
Manuel d'analyse linguistique
Approche sémantico-syntaxique du lexique
Sens et Structures

Edited by Tatiana Milliaressi
Philosophie & linguistique
Aspect is a universal category. Its grammaticalization is prototypically represented by the Slavic model. However, aspectual information is encoded in non-Slavic languages as well. The question at issue is whether typology of aspect is influenced by language typology and whether there are several aspectual models.

Edited by Solène Gaudin, Frédéric Pugniere-Saavedra
La rénovation urbaine
Discours, argumentations et rhétoriques
Philosophie & linguistique
How is the commitment of the public authorities in the choice of recourse and the justification of the demolition in the context of the housing crisis in France based on? What arguments are put forward, what strategies are the actors deploying for what expected results?

Edited by Michel Berré, Béatrice Costa, Adrien Kefer, Céline Letawe, Hedwig Reuter, Gudrun Vanderbauwhede
What grammar should be taught to translators-to-be? Even though grammar is part of translation curricula, grammar teaching has been little discussed until now. The aim of this book is to fill the void by presenting studies by 16 specialists. They are divided in four themes reflecting four perspectives (translators, translation scholars, grammarians

Danièle Van de Velde
Sens et Structures
The majority of recent linguistic studies about causality contrast its linguistic expression with the best known philosophical and scientific conceptions. Here the choice is to limit oneself strictly to the linguistic (hence pre-philosophical and pre-scientific) basis of the notion of cause.

Marta Krol
Pour un modèle linguistique de la fiction
Essai de sémantique intégrée
Philosophie & linguistique
Elucidate the enigma of language fiction by determining its real criteria, after eliminating false beliefs - this is the goal of this book. Admittedly, the matter was closed for several decades, but closed on grounds that don't stand a linguistic-philosophical examination.

Angelina Aleksandrova
Des noms d'âge aux noms de phase
Essai de sémantique nominale et aspectuelle
Sens et Structures
This book provides a fine linguistic description of names referring to human beings in different ages of life (baby, child, etc.) and questions, along the way, how language conceptualizes facets constituting our identity (age, sex, occupation, ...).

Edited by Tatiana Milliaressi, Svetlana Vogeleer

Edited by Caroline Masseron, Jean-Marie Privat, Yves Reuter
Littérature, linguistique et didactique du français
Les travaux Pratiques d'André Petitjean
Éducation et didactiques

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