Publishing your work with Les PU du Septentrion

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​Last update: March 2020.

 Publication timeline

In total, after validation and acceptance of the final manuscript by the executive board, publication takes between six to nine months.

 Multi-support publication

Since 2013, and to propose books in both paper and digital formats (interactive PDF, ePub...), works published by Les PU du Septentrion use the XML-TEI Métopes integration system (structured publication methods and tools developed by Caen's MRSH).

 Book promotion

Les PU du Septentrion have their very own in-house dissemination and marketing department which deals with every new addition individually and proposes marketing plans relevant to the work in question (media campaign, flyers, mailings, book signings/readings in partnership with the authors, etc.).
The publication form (a Word file sent by Septentrion) is to be carefully filled out: it is an intrinsic part of the efficient commercialization of the book, the realization of its cover and the elaboration of adequate promotional tools.
Media coverage is handled in part automatically by Septentrion (BNF, British council, Library of Congress, Universities affiliated to the Association, Google Books…). Isabelle Dauchy is responsible for the complementary individualized media coverage of each book.

Books in paper format are diffused by Geodif and distributed by Sodis (Gallimard's distributor) to which several thousands libraries (in France, in French-speaking countries and in the rest of the world) are connected. Books are listed/referenced by Electre and advertised by Livres Hebdo.

Books in paper format can be purchased on our website ( and on the comptoir des presses d'université (academic presses counter) website ( editeurs/sept/). We have two direct sales « counters »: one on the PU du Septentrion's premises (Lille's Social and Human Sciences University, Vileneuve d'Ascq) and the other one in Paris, in the Saint Germain neighbourdhood (Painlevé park, formerly the Maspero bookshop's headquarters).

Books in digital formats can be purchased through our website, the LCDPU website, but also through Google Play and Immatériel.
Since 2016, les PU du Septentrion partake in the OpenEdition Books project.






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