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Submission Guidelines

How and under which conditions can I submit my work to les Presses Universitaires du Septentrion ?

You can download here "publier à Septentrion", a summary of our publication guidelines in a PDF format [in french]:


​Last update: March 2017.

► Submitting your book to les PU du Septentrion

The first step is to send via letter or e-mail a publication proposal to our editorial director (catherine.denys@univ-lille.fr) and to forward a copy of your proposal to our editorial department at the following address: justine.debesque@univ-lille.fr. Your proposal must entail the following:

1. A short (2-3 pages) description of your book.
2. A table of contents.
3. A tip-sheet of your book's targeted audience and of its specificity in the book market.
4. A resume.
5. A copy of your thesis report if your book is based off of a thesis.

If your proposal is selected, you will be asked to send us two hard copies of your manuscript, as well as a digital copy of it (electronic file sent via e-mail).

Your can also check our notes to authors here [in french]: notes aux auteurs.

► Scientific and financial assessments

Any book proposal made to Les PU du Septentrion will be submitted to a scientific assessment by the relevent editorial board (two book reports will be made) and to a economic feasibility survey submitted to the executive board, which has the final say on a book's publication.

Financial provisions are required to the publication of any work. We advise you to get in touch with the executive board to elaborate an adequate business plan.

To be published, works (their textual contents, illustrations and covers) must be guaranteed copyrights-free by their authors.

From 2013 onwards, books proposed will be published in both paper and digital formats. In accordance with legislation relating to digital content, a contract binds the publication, its authors, scientific directors and contributors.

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