Our editorial Policy

Located in Lille, France, Les Presses Universitaires du Septentrion aspires to publish and diffuse scientific works in France and abroad. Whether on a paper or numeric format, those works showcase the current state of academic research and are addressed to an informed audience, interested by human and social sciences, legal and political sciences as well as natural sciences.

The leading publisher of scientific works North of Paris, Septentrion appraises French and foreign manuscripts thanks to the commitment of a whole scientific community.

The editorial policy of PU du Septentrion is conceived in the editorial committees that cover the following disciplinary fields:

• Acquisition et transmission des savoirs (Acquisition and transmission of knowledge);
• Arts et littératures (Arts and Literatures);
• Savoirs et systèmes de pensée (Knowledge and systems of thought);
• Sciences sociales (Social Sciences);
• Temps, espace et société (Time, space and society).

► Scientific and financial assessments

Any book proposal made to Les PU du Septentrion will be submitted to a scientific assessment by the relevent editorial board (two book reports will be made) and to a economic feasibility survey submitted to the executive board, which has the final say on a book's publication.

In order to be published, a work must satisfy the usual scientific criteria and must be guaranteed by its author free of all rights, whether in terms of text, illustrations or cover.

Financial conditions :

For monographs whose authors are not attached to the University of Lille, a financial contribution is requested from the authors. Collective works are subject, whatever their origin, to the obligation to provide this contribution.

The financial contribution of a minimum amount of 3,000 € corresponds to the share that any published work takes in the general costs of the PU du Septentrion. It applies to a 16x24 cm black and white work in a format not exceeding one million signs. It is recommended that you contact the direction of PU du Septentrion to specify this financial package. This contribution may be a personal contribution or a grant from one or more research centres or institutions that may pay subsidies. If the publication is approved, a letter of intent can be sent to the authors and persons responsible for the work in order to facilitate the obtaining of subsidies.

Since 2013, the books are available in both paper and digital versions.

The works are subject to a contract with the authors, scientific directors and contributors in order to comply with digital legislation.

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