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Giorgio Passerone
Un lézard
Le cinéma des Straubs
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Viva Paci
La machine à voir
À propos de cinéma, attraction, exhibition
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Frank Kessler, Jean-Marc Larrue, Giusy Pisano
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
From the stage to the cinema, from television to augmented and virtual realities, from circus performances to aquatic shows, the magician's practice has not ceased to be renewed and metamorphosed.

Edited by Réjane Hamus-Vallée, Jacques Malthête, Stéphanie Salmon
Les mille et un visages de Segundo de Chomón
Truqueur, coloriste, cinématographiste… et pionnier du cinématographe
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Segundo de Chomón (1871-1929) is one of the undisputed masters in first cinematographic tricks and early coloring of moving images / early moving images coloring.

Michel Serceau
Le mythe, le miroir et le divan
Pour lire le cinéma
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Hélène Camarade, Elizabeth Guilhamon, Claire Kaiser
Mondes germaniques

Edited by Gérard Leblanc, Sylvie Thouard
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons

Edited by Jean-Roch Bouiller, Ségolène Le Men, Laurence Madeline, Giusy Pisano
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Designed in 1787, the Panorama offered the public a grandiose representation giving the feeling of visiting a city or reliving a historical event.

Florence Gravas
La part du spectateur
Essai de philosophie à propos du cinéma
Esthétique et sciences des arts
What kind of experience do we go through when « we watch a movie » ? Though this standard phrase doesn't take into account the complexity of spectator's seeing/hearing, it nevertheless underlines a kind of equivocity about what we « watch », as well as what is actually at stake.

Réjane Hamus-Vallée
Peindre pour le cinéma
Une histoire du Matte Painting
Arts du spectacle - Images et sons
Present since the beginnings of the cinema, Matte Painting is a special effect which can be found in thousands of fake shots with an illusion so perfect that viewers are largely unaware of it. Consisting in combining in the same wide shot a real set and its continuation in the form of a painting, whether realized with brushes on glass or ...

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